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Mythology and Religion

Fundamentalism is in fact the greatest threat to human survival. This involves not only fundamentalism of the world’s three desert religions, but that of scientism as well. In all, some Prior reads some revealed “Word of Truth,” and tells us how to interpret it. It seems that science fiction is one of the few enclaves where we can see this most clearly. Metaphor and myth are clearly more expressive of truth than any other means of expression.

I once posted to a discussion of current events among spiritually liberated Jews, who were repudiating Arthur Koestler’s proposition about Aryan Jews by way of some genetic study that purportedly can identify which of the twelve tribes one hails as ancestors. I take neither genetics nor Jewish tribal myths seriously enough to actually read such scientistic efforts, but I did point out that none of the desert religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, would accept genetic kinship as criteria for admission to the water hole, the preservation of which is the prime purpose of all three.

One zealot excoriated me as an anti-semite, with no knowledge of Judaism, but the discussion leader stated that I was merely using metaphor, which I have previously done in that discussion. She thought the struggle for water has little bearing on Israel, even though their neighbor Syria is now an enormous threat precisely because of a truly excoriating drought. The metaphor of the water hole is in fact deeper than the rapidly accelerating world struggle for water, but none of them got the idea that metaphor can express truth more clearly than any statement of facts and figures. “No metaphor goes over my head, because I have excellent reflexes and will reach right up and catch it!”

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Twilight of the Gods

Mythology of Reason

I could write an entire book about SG-1 archetypes, taking each episode as a blow-by-blow account. However, it is fiction, and reality is in fact stranger than anything we have ever imagined or could imagine in any parallel universe. My next post will be a review of Paul von Ward’s seminal work on the reality of the gods, as interpreted by refusing to dismiss ancient texts, including Genesis, as pure fiction, fairy tales, or supernatural. The Goa’uld may or may carry reptilian symbiotes, or have vertical slits for eye pupils (or emit light from their eyes, for that matter). Ward makes it clear that these impostors are nothing more than the royalty of this world, who are still poised to resume holding the reigns of power through the re-establishment of the ancient regimes. The ABs may well have departed Earth bases before the establishment of human civilization. We must in fact sift through all of their attempts to communicate with us, and view their messages only in the context of what we already know, including what we know about them and their own purposes and motives. The only message from beyond that Colonel Jack O’Neill ever took at face value was in his own handwriting.

Over the next two decades, the human Internet presence will at least double to over 5 billion, with who knows how many Advanced Beings (ABs) also sending messages from the cloud.  We are already talking to them as we talk to each other. The greatest thing about the Internet is its anonymity: I could be Roger the alien (actually, my own bastard child) from American Dad, for all anyone knows. All you have to go on is the clarity, logic, discipline, passion, and reason that I put into the language with which I communicate. In the marketplace of ideas, that is exactly what we need to win the battle for the hearts of humankind. The freedom struggles of this age are all that we have to bequeath to our children. They in all probability will be the ones who bring the Solar Age into existence. All an old fart like me can hope to do is assist at the birth pangs of history and facilitate the delivery. That is the only immortality of which I can be certain, whatever else lies beyond this veil of tears.

Stargate: Ramp up for the next evolution.


Nothing is less inspiring than to see the same old bibliolatrist claptrap forever applied, even in so-called movie reviews. Myth is false. Science is truth. Well, then, my friend, what is beauty? For all that I know, or need to know (which is that beauty is truth), the entire Stargate franchise could very well be precisely what the writers portrayed it as: wiggle-room for plausible deny-ability by officials in the event the existence of the actual Stargate program is ever revealed. When Kissinger came up with this term, he did not expect to be believed, but merely to maintain the ungodly ability to define truth. Like Colonel Jack O’Neill (with two ells), I simply do not trust any Goa’uld source of information. Certainly my own muse, Pallas Athena, has put me in touch with ancient sources of wisdom in finally clarifying to my intellect that myth is truer than factoid, just as reality is stranger than fiction. After majoring in theology myself, I understand Dr. Daniel Jackson’s presupposition that Egyptian mythology expresses truth far more clearly than modern religion or science, both of which are obscurantist at best and deliberately misleading at worst, yet both of which claim to pursue truth as their ultimate object.  As I have argued elsewhere, I have no reason to believe NASA or Carl Sagan’s testimony that aliens must exist but are not present, and every reason to suspect that they, and by implication aliens as well, are being quite mendacious about this matter. Anyone who attempts to investigate UFOs can find out for themselves, if they do not join the millions of the 20th Century’s “disappeared” in the process of attempting to penetrate the invincible principle of disinformation that permeates this subject.

WARNING! This is cultural critique, not movie or literary review.

Propaganda revisited

Thought control and the realm of freedom

Of course this is one of my favorite subjects, or I would not write about it so much. I sit down to write with a blank page in front of me, but not with a blank mind. I like to think I keep my tabula rasa, but I know better. I do my best to critique and erase my preconceived notions, but that is a most difficult task, especially for those notions  that have served me well. I cannot shake the notion of freedom, although it continues to self-develop and grow, even in my own mind. I am fully aware that the self-development of this idea is not me thinking, but I cannot avoid concluding that my neural network is somehow involved in the process. Perhaps if only in conveying what I have learned from Pallas Athena. I am no longer an acolyte of Plato or Aristotle, for that matter. I am a lover of wisdom in my own right.

Notes for my review of Years of Living Dangerously 1A

Notes from YLD 1

These are my initial notes from part one of Years of Living Dangerously, a marvelous Showtime documentary on global climate change. http://yearsoflivingdangerously.com provides a Youtube to the entire first episode. I can lend you episodes 2 through 9 on CD if you promise to return them. Against such is no law.

At one point, someone asks if global warming can be discussed without politics or religion entering into it. Presumably, this means sectarianism. I show elsewhere and in my review of the series that this discussion cannot be terminated without fully understanding the political and religious, as well as the entire institutional system within which this ultimately human disaster is occurring. That is because the physical reality of global warming is a product of the world social system itself. Failure to understand this event in systems-thinking terms that would only be trashed as “conspiratorial” even by systems thinkers can be better explained as a failure of will to accept massive evidence than a failure to produce evidence, which is the usual implication when someone is called a “conspiracy theorist.”

The only possible “take-home” from this series is that the entire world’s economic, intellectual, spiritual, educational, and other institutional resources must be focused with all deliberate speed on the complete transformation of human society into the Solar Age. This means losing all capitalist and other institutions based on any presumption of scarcity. No partial message, such as merely shutting down coal plants, oil production, or some capitalist version of “Green Revolution” can possibly suffice, although no such efforts are unwelcome or unnecessary. All are simply insufficient. So, here is part 1 of my review of episode 1.

Review of “Is there room for spirit in science?” by Fritjof Capra

Reflections on Fritjof Capra

This is my review of the article from Tikkun, which can be found at at: http://spiritualprogressives.org/newsite/?p=681

This wonderful essay by Fritjof Capra, originally published in Tikkun, forms the theoretical basis for my philosophic statement that the purpose of this Website is to explore the God of Nature. Evolution is the very act of creation. Life is miraculous, and follows natural laws in its expression. Certainly as Nietzsche was the first to point out, God is dead. As Karen Armstrong observed, Nietzsche was speaking of the God of Deism. This is the Cartesian-Newtonian (C/N) paradigm’s version of God, which it inherited from Ancient Egypt by way of both Plato and Ancient Hebrew wisdom literature, but nevertheless distorted completely.

Modernism banished God’s activity in creation to the realm of mind, which is basically a fairy tale. To one holding to a strict reading of materialism, the results of all casual action are implicit in the elements from which that which is new emerges. In other words, explanation can be grounded entirely in analysis of the elements of a system taken separately, then added together incrementally.  This is the view of what Marx called vulgar materialism: Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis. “It’s all a process,” as the Maoists used to say. The post-Marx Marxists missed the cosmic guffaw within which Hegel bracketed this view. Such reductionism could be justified if it contributed anything to the other goals of science, which are prediction and control. Emergence does not work like that.

Revised from my Amazon book, Rethinking Healthcare as a Complex System: What went wrong with Universal Healthcare

PS: even if you do not read any further here, you might want to check out the link to Tikkun.

Experience and Consciousness

Experience is what I see and the way I see it

I am turning over a new leaf for the new year. No more footnotes. What You See is What You Get.  I know how to prove whatever it is I write, but that does not mean I have to try to prove anything. I have been thinking about Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning lately. At least the War Pigs are not hunting me down with drone missiles. Nobody proved it better than Ed and Chelsea that this is what they can and will do the moment someone tells them they do not actually run the farm. Marvin Farmer will reclaim his land someday.