Review of “Is there room for spirit in science?” by Fritjof Capra

Reflections on Fritjof Capra

This is my review of the article from Tikkun, which can be found at at:

This wonderful essay by Fritjof Capra, originally published in Tikkun, forms the theoretical basis for my philosophic statement that the purpose of this Website is to explore the God of Nature. Evolution is the very act of creation. Life is miraculous, and follows natural laws in its expression. Certainly as Nietzsche was the first to point out, God is dead. As Karen Armstrong observed, Nietzsche was speaking of the God of Deism. This is the Cartesian-Newtonian (C/N) paradigm’s version of God, which it inherited from Ancient Egypt by way of both Plato and Ancient Hebrew wisdom literature, but nevertheless distorted completely.

Modernism banished God’s activity in creation to the realm of mind, which is basically a fairy tale. To one holding to a strict reading of materialism, the results of all casual action are implicit in the elements from which that which is new emerges. In other words, explanation can be grounded entirely in analysis of the elements of a system taken separately, then added together incrementally.  This is the view of what Marx called vulgar materialism: Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis. “It’s all a process,” as the Maoists used to say. The post-Marx Marxists missed the cosmic guffaw within which Hegel bracketed this view. Such reductionism could be justified if it contributed anything to the other goals of science, which are prediction and control. Emergence does not work like that.

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Experience and Consciousness

Experience is what I see and the way I see it

I am turning over a new leaf for the new year. No more footnotes. What You See is What You Get.  I know how to prove whatever it is I write, but that does not mean I have to try to prove anything. I have been thinking about Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning lately. At least the War Pigs are not hunting me down with drone missiles. Nobody proved it better than Ed and Chelsea that this is what they can and will do the moment someone tells them they do not actually run the farm. Marvin Farmer will reclaim his land someday.

Health and Human Values

Health and Human Values

This is my latest rant. It seems I only get inspired when I go back to researching. In this case, I have started reading   The Science of Synthesis: Exploring the Social Implications of General Systems Theory, by Debora Hammond. I will continue to research and comment in this vein. Feel free to contribute any thoughts you may have to this discussion.

Jesus Christ, Superstar

Virgin birth revisited

I started this discussion back on the theology page, but have not returned to it until now. It has reemerged because I have been forced to confront certain issues in my recent readings on the horrors of religious belief. I had thought that to call oneself an atheist is merely to state a belief that there is no god. I for one, cannot state any such belief. Now, I realize that atheism is not at all on the same plane as faith. I do not have to say: “I can prove that you cannot fly.” If you persist in asserting your belief that you can, the simple response is to demand evidence: Go ahead and fly. I have finally gotten rid of that ghost, Jesus Christ, for whose existence there is in fact no evidence. Can I prove that he never lived and walked? Of course not. No more than I can prove that Puff the Magic Dragon does not live by the sea. Take your evidence of things unseen to fellow believers. You will never convince anyone who is not already willing to trade reason for faith.

Unapologetically obsessing on the Kennedy Assassination

More Kennedy

So, why do I keep returning to this, like a dog to his vomit? One reason is that, every time I talk to a zipper head about this, she or he always refers me to some infernal mocumentary that supposedly settles the question in favor of the Warren Commission Report, once and for all. Because I am so self-critical, I am not yet immune to such slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and eventually find myself forced to slog through more drek that supposedly has the ability to shatter my world. Even though my own sources are too many and varied to be shot down by any single arrow, I still feel compelled to look. So, sue me.

Kennedy Again

Kennedy again

Well, it is November 23. And, I would not have enough time to fully explore the ramifications of this topic even if I spent the rest of my life on it. Nevertheless, I keep returning to it because so many people are so easily convinced by fabricated drivel merely because it is propagated through mass media. I, on the other hand, do not care if Jim Lehrer said it, or Dan Rather, or any other talking head. One can almost see the strings manipulating their jaws as their noses grow longer every time they open their pie holes. So, here is what I think about another revered debunking source.

The top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%

The top ten thousandths of the top one percent

Here it is. My ode to the rich and famous. I know. Philip Agee already wrote “Let us now praise famous men.” But, don’t these titans of finance, mineral extraction, and industry deserve praise in all ages, epochs, eras, etc.? Their acolytes, all supplicants to Ayn Rand’s “objectivism” (it is too shallow to be called a philosophy) are now in power, and will probably continue to wield power until Mother Nature shuts us all down. As one of her high priests (my muse is Pallas Athena), I can assure you that she is pretty angry with all of us right now. It is in fact doubtful that she will permit even two of us to survive and reproduce. Our own sun is already halfway through its lifespan, and the Milky Way galaxy is already scheduled to crash into Andromeda galaxy (they are rushing toward each other faster than two 6,000 hp locomotives at full throttle) about the time that happens. No one will mourn the melting of the by then barren rock formerly known as Earth, anyway.