History and Power

History as Power Narrative

I have explained elsewhere throughout this Blog that I did not initially get interested in some conspiracy theory that I found on the Internet. While researching healthcare, I did not have to pose the need for or efficiency of universal healthcare as a research question, because that is already well documented. What I had to ask is, “Why can’t we have universal healthcare?” Kerr McGee Corp. murdered Karen Silkwood to suppress information she had about health in the nuclear industry. I discovered what has been called “The Cult of the Atom,” which is a major attempt by elements within the American military and civilian nuclear agencies to deny and suppress the facts about the dangers of radiation, including radiation in space. This led me to discover that “The Cold War” was itself an ideological construct created by intellectuals as a major propaganda campaign to repress domestic dissent. In other words, it was a lie, created and maintained by a conspiracy.  In looking at the systems within which the healthcare delivery system is embedded, I found my way to Jay Forester, and the systems work  of Meadows and Randers, his students, on the impact of burning carbon fuels on human health and welfare. They have been branded as conspiracy theorists, or just plain criminals. The same logic by which all critics of the dominant system (military-industrial, or however you designate it) were branded as “communists” at the height of Cold War hysteria is the same logic by which the same critics are now branded as “criminals” when their evidence cannot be dismissed, or as “conspiracy theorists,” when it is possible to dismiss what they are saying on ideological rather than evidential grounds.


Speaking of systems as networks, the question also came up, “Why is conspiracy theory the biggest thing on the Internet?” which is certainly the largest system (or network) ever created as a human artifact. This is a scientific question, not a conspiracy theory. Nevertheless, in investigating it, one finds many “conspiracy theories” that have been dismissed on ideological, rather than evidential grounds. That is to say, if presented in the light of reason, the evidence for the existence and function of the conspiracy is clear, damning, and impeccable. For instance, “The Fed” is in fact nothing less than a criminal cartel of international bankers imposing the largest Ponzi scheme in history on the American people. You can learn exactly how the scheme works not by having faith in some “theory” that lacks evidence, but by reading their own manual of operation, which they publish on the Internet. With a little further vision, one learns that the IRS is the collection arm for these racketeers, has absolutely no existence whatsoever within the US Department of the Treasury, and in fact is headquartered out of Puerto Rico.  The 16th Amendment was never ratified by the states, but simply imposed on the American people by executive action. These astonishing “theories” are supported by mountains of evidence, which is why the only way to dismiss the people who are presenting the evidence is to simply ignore it by denigrating them as “conspiracy theorists.” America’s ruling class has become so accustomed to having all of their lies believed and all of their conspiracies succeed that they cannot grapple with the fact that, however many “debunkers” they release as Internet trolls, this network has made the truth available to all, and it really is out there for those who actually love it. The search for truth is the common goal of both religion and science, which is why this Blog has both. See for yourself.

History as WMD

History as WMD

I have never said, nor would ever postulate, that the mass destruction of humanity is inevitable. Certainly, it is on the agenda of “The Deciders,” just as surely as they intend to maintain control over scarce resources even if they have to continuously reinvent scarcity. To get anyone to play the old carrot and stick game, they have to convince us there is not a feed-bag of carrots right under our noses. That is what the so-called “science” of economics is about. If we do not all covet a Lexus, how can they get ahead of and stay away from us in their Lamborghinis? What used to be the feeling of “rising expectations” has now been reduced to the life and death struggle over a glass of water in some places. It is fine to pay lip service even to that abominable expectation, so long as no one recognizes that the trend is balling our way like that shot out of the cannon referred to in the main post. This really is the epoch in which the absolute opposites of freedom and slavery will confront each other in unveiled form: the workers’ desire to associate with each other freely in a labor of love versus the plan of capital to enslave all of us. The cynical plan to pay half of the workers to kill the other half could never have worked in the same place, but the plan to stoke the coals of atmospheric destruction while letting nature take her course may actually work if we continue to bury our collective heads in the sand.

Spirit and Science

Is there Room for Spirit in Science

This wonderful essay by Fritjof Capra, originally published in Tikkun, forms the theoretical basis for my philosophic statement that the purpose of this Website is to explore the God of Nature. Evolution is the very act of creation. Life is miraculous, and follows natural laws in its expression. Certainly as Nietzsche was the first to point out, God is dead. As Karen Armstrong observed, Nietzsche was speaking of the God of Deism. This is the Cartesian-Newtonian (C/N) paradigm’s version of God, which it inherited from Ancient Egypt by way of both Plato and Ancient Hebrew wisdom literature.

Modernism did little to alter the ancient concept of God, other than to banish God’s activity in creation to the realm of Aristotelian “First Cause.” To one holding to a strict reading of materialism, the results of all casual action are implicit in the elements from which that which is new emerges. In other words, explanation can be grounded entirely in analysis of the elements of a system taken separately, then added together incrementally.  This is the view of what Marx called vulgar materialism: Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis. “It’s all a process,” as the Maoists used to say. The post-Marx Marxists missed the cosmic guffaw within which Hegel bracketed this view. Such reductionism could be justified if it contributed anything to the other goals of science, which are prediction and control. Emergence does not work like that.


Science and Spirituality

Revised from my Amazon book, Rethinking Healthcare as a Complex System: What went wrong with Universal Healthcare?

Economics of Healthcare

Economics of Healthcare

This is an essay that I wrote in August of 2009, after we had organized and conducted the Aurora Healthcare Speakout, featuring Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Because I just read an eyewitness description of Hitler’s advent in Austria, written by an Austrian woman who states that they voted for the Nazis in a national plebiscite, and that Hitler won by 98%, delivering free healthcare along with soup kitchens and other benefits of the fascist “nanny” state, I want to address the issue of freedom her remarks bring up. In the first place, the “qualified” voters who elected Hitler in Austria may not have included everyone. Secondly, voting for fascism as a security blanket may be understandable for a people submerged in a great depression, especially under propaganda from a “prosperous” neighbor (Germany), but it was not the best they could do. Neither is the Affordable Healthcare and Patient Protection Act the best we Americans can do. It is, in fact, a doorway into fascism, precisely because it is the program of the corporate elites, just as was Hitler’s entire program of “National Socialism.” This is not the kind of healthcare we need, any more than the world needs Hitler’s Thousand Year Rule, inaugurated at Bretton Woods in 1944 by the same corporate elites who now rule America’s national healthcare program.

HR 676, sponsored by Kucinich, was the doorway to freedom, not slavery. Essentially, it extended Social Security healthcare to all. Before we get cynical about Roosevelt’s “New Deal” (essentially, an American form of National Socialism), it is best to remember that freedom was not won by Upton Sinclair when he abandoned his bid for the California Democratic nomination and permitted FDR to sweep the convention by promising to adopt the socialist program of “Social Security.” Each generation has its own battles for freedom to conduct, until we realize democracy rather than fascism through our electoral process. Although America is well down the road that Germany, then Austria followed, it does not have to be that way. As I amply showed in the research posted at the beginning of this blog (the action result of which was the Aurora Healthcare Speakout), universal free healthcare means other than fascist “eugenic” euthanasia clinics, or merely expanding Medicare to everyone. The needed expansion of Medicare is only the beginning of the American healthcare revolution, which we must extend to the entire Third World. Only healthy people can exercise freedom. The failure of private corporate fascism invited its public version now embodied in America’s new national healthcare program. We cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater, so going beyond the Affordable Healthcare and Patient Protection Act does not mean returning to corporate oligarchy through “private” plans. We can begin, but must not end, with universal Social Security Healthcare.


Come back Dexter come back

I just watched this entire series. I am sure that I could write a lot more about Dexter. The eight season measure of his run marks his popularity as a cultural icon. What is it about Dexter that so excited the American pop-culture psyche? I suspect the phenomenon, first seen in the character of Hannibal (the cannibal), reflects the underside of America’s reptilian consciousness. It is no accident that the same, degenerate culture that produced Dexter in artistic form actually generates several hundred serial killers operating at any one time. I suspect this is an epidemic, with social as well as psychological causation, resulting from positive feedback between the two as the entire culture plunges into chaos.

Reality Check

Reality Maps and Values

The last words in the movie 12 Monkeys, a bit more carefully cited in my main post, were an exchange between the airline passenger making a world tour to murder humanity:

Seatmate: “I think we’re the next endangered species, the human race.”

Shiva: “I think you are absolutely right. You hit the nail on the head.”

The last scene in the movie were the eyes of the young boy, the obvious first vector for the spread of the engineered epidemic. What we must remember in this putrescent Republican smog obfuscating the issue of Global Warming is that by 1995, it was already a done deal. Those who were even moderately well-informed at that time could even write a movie script that is in every way a scientifically working metaphor for everything that we are witnessing today, from the blatant denial of the main perpetrators to the Cassandra complex that fuels the repressive mechanisms of denial on a mass scale, as we bear witness to in America and Australia. None of the Green Revolution, Sustainability Initiative, or other elitist plans to resolve the complex of problems represented by Global Warming are more than half measures: the last drop of oil will be pumped out of Earth’s reservoirs of energy presumably provided by ancient life forms (with a nod to the cogent arguments of Freeman Dyson). We cannot enter the Solar Age without liberating the Commons from public privation (private property), and making a universal human priority of the highest development of each man, woman, and child to the maximum expression of their highest potential. I am not a New Yorker, but scratch me, and you will find a Communard.

Goebbels, Bernays, and von Braun revisited

Goebbels Bernays and von Braun revisited

Dark Mission: NASA Moon Hoax

Una Ronald, from Western Australia, saw live Apollo I Moon Landing coverage, which was beamed to local TV stations in Western Australia, to be converted by recording it directly from two videotapes into a color television signal, then transmitting the TV signals to NASA. She saw the coke bottle kicked across the scene during the original live coverage. Ian Fleming’s amused nod of the head (in Diamonds are Forever) to “conspiracy moon landing theories” circulating in the early 70’s was probably meant as disinformation, to get a laugh out of everyone while detracting credibility from NASA’s eternal embarrassment. Ian Fleming was, in fact, a part of the NASA disinformation superstructure. Another work, Dark mission: The secret history of NASA, by Hoagland and Bara, shows how Werner von Braun led a hoard of Nazi scientists and intelligence agents into the forefront of scientific research, and then into the establishment of the greatest scientific/propaganda mission in history.

Many of us had our doubts, even from the earliest beginnings. Click the link to my main post for further discussion.


The IRS, based in Puerto Rico, should be abolished under the RICO law.

IRS as Criminal Syndicate

31 Questions and Answers about the IRS, Revision 3_4

Like the Gestapo, the IRS is nothing more than a gang of thugs, working for a criminal syndicate with no lawful standing, that is actually based in Puerto Rico. Those who have enough knowledge of common law are able to stay out of its snares. By the time they call you into an audit, it may be too late to avoid conflict, especially if they can prove you misstated your income. However, it is not necessary to file any such income tax statement in the first. Filing statements of income, as well as permitting withholding, are strictly voluntary. Even if you sigh a W-4 to get a job, you may take action to have the treasurer of the company stop withholding your money. If they ever call you in to ask why you are not paying your “tax obligation,” do not refuse to do so. At common law, anyone may make any claim against you whatsoever. If you simply ignore it, you will end up in contempt of court, with a default judgment for whatever amount any extortionist demands.

That is exactly who the IRS is: a pack of extortionists. They use common law to extract money to which they are not entitled. The way to beat them is to go in, and offer to pay any amount for which you are liable. First, however, you may demand and they must supply proof that you are liable for the amount in question. You may ask them any number of questions that are necessary to establish such proof, and they are legally obligated to answer all of your questions. Like any lawyer practicing before the bar, do not ask any questions to which you do not already know the answer. If you know all of the right questions, the IRS will never be able to establish any tax obligation in question, because you have no such lawful obligation. If hauled into court, you do not want to end up in front of a jury, who are notoriously fickle in making findings of fact. Simply tell the judge that you are not in conflict, but that the IRS has simply not answered all of your questions. The courts only exist to resolve conflicts, an instance of which has not occurred if you are not denying or ignoring your alleged tax obligation, but merely asking for proof that it exists.

To acquire all of the weapons you may need in any such battle, check out the law libraries at Mitchell’s Law Library, as well as Sir Richard James McDonald’s law library at Natural Law Library. If you have not started fighting these pigs yet, the only alternative is to accept your own progressive enslavement by the National Security State that is being imposed on us through legislative enactments of Congress, most of whose members are lawyers, bearing the aristocratic title Esquire, who have no lawful right whatsoever to hold office under the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, which unlike the 14th and 16th amendments, was actually ratified by the requisite majority of the states.