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Out of all of the Websites on global warming, systems thinking, conspiracy theory, human extinction, and the various subjects we take up here, this is the only one that ties it all together. What good does it do to know that we are choking in an atmosphere of our own garbage if the projected solutions do not include shutting down world oil, coal, and natural gas production with all deliberate speed? We must create the political will to implement worldwide response to this emergency,  which goes beyond creating Green markets.  All markets are controlled by the same racketeers who profit from our destruction. What good does it do for the sheep to make policy recommendations to wolves who will never give up their mutton diet?.For a mere two hours per day, I could find a unique Internet marketing niche that would earn me a fantastic income and show you how to think yourself healthy, wealthy or perhaps wise. In that event I would not have to ask you to throw money at me, I could let others do it without asking. Nevertheless, that’s not me. I grind out all of my waking hours here, spending far more time researching than posting. Because those others who throw away their cash for frivolous advice about how to get rich (the best way to do it is open a get rich quick Website) are not even brought by their search engines to this site, I have to ask you, one of the select few who has ever clicked here, to hit that subscribe button with two $1.00 donations.There is another way to subscribe here, completely independent of your activity with the PayPal subscribe button. To create your account for posting purposes, those who want to subscribe in the higher sense, by contributing ideas rather than merely contributing money with PayPal, should email me at to join the discussion. Please include First and last name, the username you prefer, and your Website URL. I will then use a random password generator to create an account for you. You will receive an email from me with the password, which you should then change as soon as you log on to your account. If you are serious about complexity thinking as applied to the human/biosphere interaction, we should be able to learn from each other. We need your ideas whether or not you have any money.I will continuously add new resources to this site to invite you to come along in my own exploration of this subject. As a Systems Theologian, I do not worship money. The purpose of this site is to get people to think about God the Creator, the unknown God who is imminent in the continuing act of creation, but who can only do so by way of human thought/action. There is enough wealth here for all of us, if we would only learn how to share, rather than hoard.

For those who want to accumulate savings, the only protection from the vultures who generate and manipulate inflation is not to attempt to join them. Whatever financial investment you make, to them you will always be a sheep in wolves’ clothing. Rather, buy silver and put it in a safety deposit box. The value of silver has been stable for thousands of years.  By actually joining this discussion, not only here but worldwide, we can escape from the Money Masters altogether. This will enable Gaia to complete the act of creation. To paraphrase Marx, the highest human end is the act of becoming.

Millions of us are now waking up, answering the call from the Spirit of these times.  The official Zeitgeist movement, TZM, cannot ask for or accept financial contributions. Neither I nor this site is authorized to speak for, or raise money for TZM. By contributing ideas to this site, you are supporting the real effort to transform humanity, whereas by making a financial donation to this site you are merely supporting me, Timothy Beushausen, as a private individual rather than as an exemplar of any higher cause or organization.

The most important thing you can do is to free your mind. Once you have made some progress in that direction, you must share your ideas to concretize them, and continue to make progress. Find and join your local Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) Chapter today. Open your own Weblogs and discussion forums, shake every tree you find someone sleeping in, and post to the lively discussion going on here.

I promise to post 500 words per day, 5 days per week, to this site.

You may also subscribe, in a third sense, to this RSS feed, which is free, without even hitting the PayPal donate button featured here, or ever creating your own account, which is strictly for posting purposes.  If you cannot entertain the ideas promulgated here, then by all means move on. For those who want to change the world, we need each other’s help.


“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

Horace Mann, Antioch College 1857 baccalaureate address (several months before he died).



Timothy Beushausen

PS. I have opened this site to posts from the public. That does not mean I will not moderate. I have received some posts that praise and flatter, in various ways, without actually demonstrating the slightest knowledge of the content of this site. I do not mind people attempting to market their wares over the Web, and will permit anyone to post their URL, but I cannot permit comments from robots carefully worded with praise that could be applied to any post on any site. Please, if you like something here, say something substantive about what it is that you liked. I will permit a negative, critical post that demonstrates processing the content of my writing through something other than an AI neural network. Knowledgeable criticism is superior in every way to vacuous, robotic praise, for which I have zero tolerance. Please do not get offended if your post does not show up here. Try again. Say something this time.


All of my posts (not otherwise licensed including the design of this site), licensed under the Creative Commons agreement.


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